5 Design Tips Guaranteed to Boost Happiness

I believe home is an extension of who I am. Everything in my home carries my DNA (not just my toothbrush). The colors, the furniture, the way things go from ultra-organized to messy in a few seconds…just like my mind. However, when I get frustrated with today’s world or I have a stressful day, I come home and I feel as though I can breathe. I come back into myself. And this is happiness. 

Here are 5 design tips that have increased a sense of well-being in my life:

Designate a spot for everything that matters

A well-designed space, should be easy to move around and find things that you use regularly. Knowing where I put my keys, for example, alleviates a substantial amount of anxiety in my life. Clutter causes stress. Put a beautiful bowl on a console/table near the front door for your keys. Arrange cool-looking hooks and a low cubby to place your shoes, so you can welcome yourself home. Designate a visible place for your memories: photos of loved ones, artwork and special gifts.


Create a sacred space for “me” time

Meditation, or even a few moments of quiet time to reconnect with one’s breath, can have a very positive impact in our lives. Cultivating these actions will help minimize stress, and add a bit of happiness. Create a sacred spot in your home meant for “me” time. A cushion, a comfy rug, a low table with candles, fresh cut flowers, and perhaps a journal, is all you need. I have been writing in The Five Minute Journal every day, and I can’t begin to tell you the difference this little journal has made to my daily outlook!

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Maximize Natural Light

Sunlight has a powerful effect on our mood. It helps to regulate the hormones serotonin and melatonin, and affects our brain blood flow. Studies have shown that lack of sunlight can lead to depression.  Choose sheer curtains over opaque ones, and allow daylight to wake you, as nature intended it. It's how I wake up every day, and seeing the sunrise boosts my mood! Place plants by your window. Living, natural elements have a very calming effect.

Via The Design Chaser

Via The Design Chaser

Add colors to your home that reflect your personality

What color range are you most drawn to: cool, warm, fresh, neutral or bright? Add an accent wall, a throw or blanket, pillows or area rug that contains these colors. Studies in color theory show that colors have different effects on the human psyche. Warm colors increase our energy levels and boost happiness, cool colors give us a sense of balance and focus, whites bring us peace and clarity. Think about what you need the most in your life today and add that color to your space!

Via Domino

Via Domino

Embrace your UNIQUENESS

Truthfully, there are few things more aggravating than a home that is too perfect. Your home should celebrate YOU, including all your unique traits! That may mean a bean bag in the living room, a shaggy rug, a quilt your grandma made, pictures of your kids on the fridge, the fact the dog’s bed is the first thing you see. Embrace your uniqueness, and open your doors with joy and confidence!

Via Remodelista

Via Remodelista

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