What is Essential?


I believe our ultimate goal is to be happy. We wish to be happy in our personal, professional, physical, emotional lives. I believe this goal extends into our homes, and our homes are an extension of ourselves.

In our homes, as in any aspect of our lives, if we focus on what is essential, we have a greater chance of touching that which truly makes us happy. When I feel overwhelmed by stress or any problem, I ask myself the question: what is essential for my daily life today? This simplifies things, and helps me to ground myself in the present. It allows me to be grateful for the simple fact that I am here, and all is well.

In interior design, I strive to focus on what is essential, so that we can achieve this sense of intimate, daily happiness. I love the idea of living with only the most beautiful and well-selected essentials we need to thrive in our lives. Those things… that have comfort, bring meaning, and let us to connect with nature.

To some of us, this might mean specific objects that are charged with good memories or pieces we have carefully held on to throughout. It also means elements that serve a particular purpose and make our life easier, more efficient. And of course, objects that provide enjoyment - auditory, tactile and visual. An album collection, musical instrument, a soft wool rug, a beautiful piece of artwork.

Photo by  Jen P.

Photo by Jen P.

The design choices we make become our own language. This has the power to create a truly fulfilling space. It is similar to being inside one’s own score of music or a work of art. This language provides a special connection that is visual, visceral and tactile, establishing a relationship with all of our senses. 

Seek to get in touch with your own design language and express it in your home. Design makes happiness tangible, concrete, attainable and real. A carefully crafted interior becomes an Oasis. Different for each one of us, however a place of comfort, peace and safety. A space where we are closest to our deepest self. Always remember, our happiness will infuse others with happiness, and that ultimately will make the world a better place.

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