The 5 Most Refreshing Paint Colors of Spring

Paint color trends this 2019 are a balance of bright, warm tones, such as coral, dusty pink, and buttery off-whites, with more soothing, serene hues, such as cool neutrals and deep blues. Drawing from these trends, I have gathered my 5 favorite and most refreshing colors to give you inspiration for spring. Sometimes a coat of paint is all it takes to energize a room!

Photo via  Saw Nail and Paint

1. Pantone Living Coral

The 2019 Pantone color of the year is Living Coral, an uplifting and joyful color. With the underlying softness of pink and optimism of orange, coral will brighten any room. Use coral as an accent color surrounded by whites and neutrals, or within a darker palette to bring an element of surprise into the space. Two paint brand matches of Living Coral are Sherwin Williams Coral Reef 6606 and Benjamin Moore Tangerine Dream 2012-30.

2. Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist OC-27

Balboa Mist is part of Benjamin Moore’s Off-White Color collection, and also falls under the category of a “greige” – something in between gray and beige. Warm, serene and subtle, this color is perfect for a beach house. Contrasted with bright white trim and natural textures, Balboa Mist provides a classic, yet casual envelope for any room.

Photo via  Benjamin Moore

Photo via Benjamin Moore

3. Benjamin Moore Head Over Heels AF-250

I simply adore this muted pink. It freshens and softens any room, without being too feminine. Versatile and playful, Head Over Heels works beautifully as an accent, such as a vanity paint color as shown above, combined with grays and neutral whites. Mix this color with textures, deep hues or darker grays, for a more grounded effect and to balance its ethereal quality.

Photo via  Benjamin Moore

Photo via Benjamin Moore

4. Benjamin Moore Smoke 2122-40

Smoke is a relaxing and sophisticated blue gray that works beautifully when contrasted with crisp whites, pastels and deep tones, such as charcoal. It creates an inviting sense of ease to an entryway or stairwell. Use where natural light is abundant to evoke calm and serenity.

Photo via  Behr

Photo via Behr

5. Behr’s Blueprint S470-5

Tranquil and mindful, Behr’s color of the year 2019 Blueprint, brings a grounding balance to the brighter, softer colors of spring. Considered a mid-tone blue, this color is reminiscent of denim and the ocean at nightfall. Perfect for a coastal modern style space, Blueprint remains timeless in its understated elegance.

I hope this post has inspired you with colorful and refreshing ideas for your home this spring. Be sure to sign up for my Monthly Lookbook to receive updates and tips on design!



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