How to Prepare for Your Best Interior Design Consultation


Are you struggling with a particular design dilemma, such as paint color selection, furniture layout or space planning? Whether as a one-time service, or the first step in a longer project, a design consultation is the perfect place to start!

A design consultation consists of a 2-hour work session, where we we brainstorm design ideas for a specific area of your home and develop a practical list of solutions and next steps. The goal is to provide you with a plan of action that will save you time and money, and most importantly, help you feel excited and motivated about your space!

What does a design consultation include?

  • On-site, 2 hour work session

  • Discussing project goals and most relevant challenges

  • Discussing lifestyle and preferences

  • Walking through and reviewing space(s)

  • Brainstorming solutions to design dilemmas

  • Developing quick sketches/layouts

  • Discussing potential suppliers and vendors

  • Developing a list of next steps

  • Setting a budget

  • Setting a timeline

  • ..and more!


7 Ways to Prepare for Your Design Consultation

1. Know Your Goals

The first step in preparing for a design consultation is to have a clear understanding of your goals. For example, if you are frustrated with your furniture arrangement and unsure about the scale/size of your items, two goals might be: Discuss ways to arrange my existing furniture so the space flows better AND to figure out what items to get rid of and what to purchase.


2. Consider Your Budget

Consider realistically how much money you are willing to spend on this project. Have a number in mind BEFORE your design consultation, so we can have a place to start. Ideally, come up with a wish list of new items, give each of these a cost and add them up. Then include any design fees, labor and/or materials to your list. We will work together to set and adjust this budget during our consultation.

3. Have a Process for Decision-Making

If you are a couple, discuss how you will make decisions in advance. Will one of you be the main decision maker and run ideas by the other or will you split the decisions by category? For example: one partner makes decisions on furnishings and the other makes decisions on who to hire/labor.

Whether you are single OR a couple, consider setting a deadline to make decisions. I suggest taking no longer than a week to decide on any proposed designs and products. Decisiveness will help make your project move forward much more smoothly.


4. Open Your Awareness to Your Daily Routine

Before your consultation, take some time to consider your daily habits. This will help you better understand your functional and space needs. Take notice of where you place your keys, coat and shoes when you first walk through the door. Where do you review and place your mail? Where do you like to eat dinner vs. breakfast?

5. Be Honest in Sharing Your Habits and Needs

Be super honest about your habits and preferences - no judgment! Perhaps you like to eat dinner at the coffee table watching TV instead of at the dining table…Or maybe you like having reading material by the toilet :) Remember, the more honest you are with yourself, and me, the easier it will be to plan your space to perfectly suit your needs.

6. Discover Your Style Preferences in Advance

Explore your aesthetic preferences ahead of time. What style speaks to you? Create a Pinterest board with images and share the link with me prior to our meeting. If you are not familiar with Pinterest, save images on your desktop in a folder called "design inspiration" and I will send you a Dropbox link to save these.

7. Bring an Open Mind!

Most importantly, bring an open mind. During the design consultation we will go over a variety of solutions and ideas, some which you may have not considered before. Some of these may surprise you and give you a new way of looking at your space!

Bonus Tip: Eliminate Distractions

I am so excited to work one-on-one with my clients, and I give them my undivided attention during a design consultation. I always ask my clients to do the same, by setting aside any distractions during these two hours - putting cell phones in airplane mode, organizing childcare and staying attentive.

Thank you for following along with my tips on how to prepare for a design consultation. I am thrilled with the opportunity to help turn your space into your own personal haven!

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